A coffee with an Italian Architect: Cino Zucchi

Sketch for HQ Salewa, Bozen, Italy

“I have always believed in architecture as a tool to enhance spaces and human environment”.

Coffee with an Architect: James Sandell

House Design by Jim Sandell

copyright: Flex Gravity

  A coffee with an architect is a great way to spend an afternoon if feeling in the need for[Read More…]

Cities. Like Human Bodies

Città Analoga - A. Rossi (Analogous City)

A city is not only the result of the equation that summarize an indefinite number of buildings; instead it is[Read More…]

When invisible cities become real

"Stepping Stones" - Map by Emily Garfield

Boston – “The ancients built Valdrada on the shores of a lake, with houses all verandas one above the other,[Read More…]

It’s all about geometry


Boston – “… There seems to be a public image of any given city, which is the overlap of many[Read More…]

Let’s all Common Build!

tensegrity - Common Boston group

Boston – When sustainable-living ideas, urban gardening, bike sharing, community-supported agriculture and bike-powered machines gather together the result is the[Read More…]