The Places in Between

Formerly an office – copyright: FG

“The Places in Between” is the title of the new week of events on architecture and urban planning organized by[Read More…]

A coffee with an Italian Architect: Cino Zucchi

Sketch for HQ Salewa, Bozen, Italy

“I have always believed in architecture as a tool to enhance spaces and human environment”.

A new challenge at Fort Point

Walk along the Atlantic - photo by flexgravityarchitecture

The new challenge for the city of Boston is named Street Seats Design Challenge. It is promoted by Boston Design[Read More…]

Cities. Like Human Bodies

Città Analoga - A. Rossi (Analogous City)

A city is not only the result of the equation that summarize an indefinite number of buildings; instead it is[Read More…]

New Park and Bridge Point To a Bright Future

North Bank Pedestrian Bridge

Boston quietly opened a new footbridge and completed a public park last month, the North Bank Pedestrian Bridge and the[Read More…]

Downtown Crossing Should Have More Lights

Times Square at Night: Even at 10:30pm, this place is jam-packed and bustling with activity. Photo by Dennis Mojado

Boston – Downtown Crossing has been in the news a lot lately. The Filene’s building recently got a developer, in[Read More…]

Another Event on Boston’s City Hall Plaza, Another Reminder of How Crummy the Plaza Now Looks. Here Is One Way to Do Better.

Boston City Hall and Plaza

Boston – The 42nd annual Boston LGBT Pride Celebration began with a rally on Boston’s City Hall Plaza June 1st[Read More…]

The Boston Museum Would Be a Great Idea, Assuming Someone Can Pay for It

Construction on Broadway in Boston from l e o via Flickr Creative Commons

Boston – Public presentations from development groups hoping to build on downtown Boston’s “Parcel 9” took place during the week ending[Read More…]

Boston Skipped in Northeast’s “High Line Effect”

Ward's Pond in Olmsted Park, Emerald Necklace

There is a growing trend and demand for urban parks, where mentions of the “High Line effect” are now spreading[Read More…]

Can Urbanization Help Save Mother Earth?


Urbanization as a way to save the planet?  Environmentalists and economists are saying yes.   What was once thought of as[Read More…]