Newburyport: City on the Sea


  Today, I went to Newburyport, which is about 30 miles up the coast from where I live in Salem,[Read More…]

Cohasset Town Hall Renovation

Cohasset MA Town Hall

Things age, buildings as well as people. This is the case with Cohasset Town Hall, which could soon be getting[Read More…]

Peddocks Island: A Study of Public Art and Community

Fort Andrews

At the end of this past summer I made a trip to Peddocks Island in the Boston Harbor. The island[Read More…]

The Fate of Neutra’s Cyclorama at Gettysburg Has National Implications

Cyclorama Gettysburg Library of Congress Photo 2002

The National Park Service has published their environmental assessment report outlining options for Richard Netura’s 1961 Cyclorama Building at Gettysburg.[Read More…]

New Life for H.H. Richardson’s Hayden Building

Hayden Building

Boston – The open house held at the Hayden building on Monday, June 4 signaled the beginning of a new[Read More…]

Arlington Considers Return To Menotomy Roots

Jason Russell House, Arlington, Mass.

Boston – The battles of Lexington and Concord. These events should ring a bell or two with most people. However,[Read More…]

Preserving Boston’s Iconic Three-Decker House

Boston's Three-Decker Home

Boston – With their light wooden frames, flat or slightly pitched roofs and stacked porches, the three-decker residence has become[Read More…]

US Rep. Richard E. Neal and Becker College to Dedicate May House Restoration to Underground Railroad Movement

Abolitionist Rev. Samuel May

The restoration of the historic May House, a designated part of the National Underground Railroad Network to Freedom, is currently[Read More…]

Decaying Charles River Speedway Seeks a Developer

Chariot at Charles River Speedway, Harvard Stadium in background, Boston Public Library

Boston – The Charles River Speedway first opened in 1899 to entertain Bostonians with chariot races and parades.

Restoration of Church of Presidents

United First Parish's New Bell

Quincy MA –  Last Thursday I had the opportunity to tour United First Parish Church of Quincy’s recently restored bell[Read More…]