A new challenge at Fort Point

Walk along the Atlantic - photo by flexgravityarchitecture

The new challenge for the city of Boston is named Street Seats Design Challenge. It is promoted by Boston Design Museum and wants to involve architects, planners, students and designers, giving them the opportunity to improve the livability of a growing urban area. Sustainability with a focus on reuse is going to be the underpinning theme for the design of new iconic benches that will furnish the Fort Point waterfront.

The area is located in the heart of the Innovation District and links Boston’s waterfront to Summer Street bridge. It is not only a new gateway to city wide water transportation, but it also provides docking space for historical vessels. The aim of the challenge is, of course, to bring this area back to life while shaping a plan for a new linear public park. The result of the challenge will end up mirroring the growing residential community, mainly consisting of artists, musicians, photographers, sculptors, designers and much more.  The Innovation District, mainly identifiable thanks to Boston Children’s Museum, has been envisioned by Mayor Thomas M. Menino as a place where “Boston’s strengths in entrepreneurship, technology, and the creative art coalesces” can find their own environment, while attracting a broad number of visitors and residents.

Participants are called to improve the quality of this public space thanks to the use of environmental friendly materials, together with innovative construction methods. Prototypes of their design are requested in order to be displayed and used by visitors and the local community. The exhibition is going to take place at Factory63 and a jury of 30 leaders in design fields, selected by Boston Design Museum, will nominate the winners.

Deadline for registration is November 20, 2013. For further information you might want to check Boston Design Museum website.

Photo: “Walk along the Atlantic”  by flexgravityarchitecture

Profile photo of Francesca Gordini About Francesca Gordini

Born in 1985 in Forli', a city on the eastern coast of Italy between the Adriatic sea and the Appennini mountains, Francesca was raised in an architectural and historical environment that inevitably touched her artistic sensitivity and led her to architecture school.
In fact she graduated with a Master's Degree at Faculty of Architecture "Aldo Rossi" - Alma Mater Studiorum Bologna in 2010, where she was taught that good architects can design "from the spoon to the town" (E.N.Rogers). This slogan prevented her from focusing only on a specific field while trying, instead, to experience every field of design. All in all we can design a chair, the same way we design a skyscraper.
She moved to Boston almost right after graduating. Here, trying to pursue further her passion for architecture, she has been involved in the Common Boston 2012 team, architectural lectures, artistic events and mainly the collaboration at the firm Carr, Lynch and Sandell, inc.
Almost bi-language, being an extremely creative and versatile person, Francesca enjoys photography and painting.
In leisure she likes climbing and flying on silks, in fact she joined a team of Aerial Dance: a way of experiencing life from different perspective. (For more of Francesca's work, click on her name at top of article)