Ice Chime is Mobile!

Ice Chimes photo Zhen WUAt the heart of the Rose Kennedy Greenway, the Ice Chime was erected with the combined effort of the Greenway Committee and the local architecture firm Moskow Linn Architects. This piece was inspired by the theme of icicle forms in the winter. Its intricate design was influenced by wind chimes as well as Japanese lanterns to provide a luminous beacon in the cold winter nights.

As the spring season approaches, the art works are circulated to ensure rotations of displays for the site. The Ice Chime is therefore on its way to another home in order to permanently enrich their natural environment. Its rich detail will surely bring a sense of vibrance to the community as well and as the winter months approaches again, the sounds of the chimes will surely play its tunes once more.

Photo by Zhen Wu

Profile photo of Zhen Wu About Zhen Wu

Zhen Wu is a recent graduate student of the M.Arch program at Wentworth Institute of Technology. She received her architectural education with an emphasis on using individual design principles that are flexible toward each project. Modern culture and trends in construction has taught her essential skills in technology in terms of guiding design to the next level. She is currently a designer at a firm in Boston focusing on residential design and public visual art. Her current residence is in Boston. Due to her Chinese background, she hopes to travel internationally to better explore architectural opportunities overseas.