Bringing Architecture To The People, People To The BSA

BSA HQ's Iconic Green Entry StaircaseFor those of you who wonder what goes on behind the walls of the Boston Society of Architects’ headquarters at 290 Congress Street, now is your chance. The BSA has opened its doors to the public, welcoming them to experience the nonprofit organization at work in their new 14,000-square-foot facility at Atlantic Wharf.

As a project designed to welcome students and adults alike to learn more about the industry  of design and its significance in the world today, the BSA collaborated with Boston architecture firm Howeler + Yoon to create this $2.5 million facility to showcase the inner workings of their establishment, to the general public, from behind glass walls.

As well as watching the staff at work, visitors can also meander through the galleries exploring the different exhibits on various aspects of design, from architecture to furniture to bicycles, while enjoying the view out towards the Financial District and the Seaport. Open seven days a week, the BSA will be offering an information center advertising both walking and boat tours, by Boston By Foot and the Charles River Boat Co., respectively. Visitors can also take advantage of the 150-seat multimedia space every Friday with weekly movie nights.

According to Laura Wernick, newly appointed BSA board president and Cambridge architect, in her interview with the Boston Herald, the hope is for this opportunity at the Boston Society of Architects’ larger, more prominent space to become a new way for people to experience the concept of design.

Photo by Andy Ryan for Howeler + Yoon.

Profile photo of Euginie Kwan About Euginie Kwan

Euginie KwanEuginie Kwan is an architectural professional based in Boston. She received her Bachelor of Architecture degree from Carnegie Mellon University in May 2011, with a minor concentration in Architectural History.

She believes in an integrated approach to architecture and has experience contributing to residential, commercial, civic and historic preservation projects in a variety of capacities. She has worked for Simonchee Architects (HK) and is always on the lookout for new opportunities to expand her career pursuits. Her professional interests include sustainable technologies, green building, adaptive reuse and historic preservation.

Euginie’s interest in historic architecture and preservation has led to her pursuit of active projects in conservation and adaptive reuse. She has interned with the Madison Trust for Historic Preservation as the Coordinator of the 2012 Winter Workshop series which promotes sustainable retrofit and renovation projects to historic homeowners in the Dane County, WI area, worked with the National Park Service (NPS) to further the development of historical sites in the Greater Boston Area, and conducted research for the Chinese University of Hong Kong for existing and potential restoration projects in the area.

As an avid traveler, and having lived in and experienced various regional and international locales, Euginie is constantly observing architectural trends from different parts of the world as a primary means of influencing her own work. Outside of the world of architecture, she likes to spend her free time reading books, listening to music, volunteering for Habitat for Humanity and the local animal shelter, and playing as much Ultimate Frisbee as possible.